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  • Step by step "hold your hand instruction" guiding you to get vibrato in your voice.

  • MP3 exercises to help your vocal cords "memorize" and take over vibrato so you sound natural.

  • Learn how to practice vibrato so you can use it in songs.

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Conquer Vibrato

$360.00 Value

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This is a live broadcast just for you. I’m all yours for at least an hour. We’ll be able to chat live and I’ll answer all your questions about the course and vibrato. I’ll get a couple of you to volunteer to let me teach you live while everybody’s watching. It’s a great learning experience for everyone.  Afterwards I’ll post a recording of the broadcast inside your course for you to watch as many times as you’d like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't want to sound artificial like I'm faking vibrato. How will this course help me sound natural?

When someone sounds like they're faking vibrato it's very possible they are. This course is designed for the singer who is struggling. It helps you get vibrato if you've never had it, or fix it, if it sounds fake. You'll get special exercises to help you get and/or improve your vibrato. The exercises cause your vocal cords to do vibrato naturally so it sounds like you were born with it.

I've been told that if you weren't born with vibrato, you don't have it. Isn't it wrong to force it?

This is a false concept that some teachers believe. You can learn vibrato just like you can learn to ride a bicycle. This course will help you develop the kind of vibrato that improves the tone quality in your voice. When others hear it in your voice, they'll think, "Wow, I really like your singing". Frankly, they won't think about whether you were born with vibrato or not. They'll just like your voice!

My vibrato sounds weird and I don't have any control over it. How will this course help me?

There's nothing wrong with your voice. You will get specific exercises that teach you how to control vibrato. You will learn how to start and stop vibrato when you want to. You'll also get simple exercises that will retrain the vocal cords to do vibrato correctly.

How long will it take to be able to sing with good vibrato?

Not long! Think of it like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. At first it's scary and you need someone to steady you. As you practice riding, eventually you start feeling the balance. Soon you are riding and playing. Eventually you're going downhill without any hands! This course does that for vibrato!

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